If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and licensed air conditioning and heating company that can repair your system then we can help you out. Sometimes it can be a very simple problem when your AC goes kaput or it can be something more critical that needs looking at. A simple little test for you to do right now is put the system on and leave it running for about 10 minutes or so.

Now go in to every room where there is an AC vent and feel the temperature in the room. Is one room hotter than the other? Do the rooms feel equally cool? If every room is a different shape and size some rooms will cool quicker, so a real quick way to check to see if the AC is blowing out cold air is put your hand to each vent to see if there is cold air coming out, go room to room doing this to see if the home is being cooled the way it should be. If you find some vents are not doing anything that’s an indication you have a problem.

A quick little home maintenance you can do yourself is use a vacuum hose to clean the vent, if you can remove the vent cover check the duct to see if it’s not blocked and clean the vent cover of any dust or blockages. If after doing this you are still having issues with the air not coming through properly then it’s time to call Air Conditioning Granada Hills, we will come out and look in to the problem more and get it working the way it should be.

Sometimes if the duct has air leaks you might get cold spots and you will also be wasting dollars on the air just cooling your cavity walls and ceilings. Normally bad installation will bring about air duct leaks in vents.

For all things heating and air conditioning related we can help you out, from repair to installation we are here for you.


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