The main focus on commercial premises is what key areas do you want cooled, you might have an air conditioning system already installed cooling areas that do not get used which is wasted money. We can configure a system to blow air and heat through the air vents you want. Say if you own an office complex and you have a few floors empty and the building has fixed air control you are cooling offices or heating offices that do not need it, it’s a total waste of money. Or engineers can come and upgrade the system so you can give each floor their own control and turn off the empty areas.

Our engineers have worked in this industry for many years, they know how to install big air conditioning systems and repair them. Every brand on the market they are familiar with as we hold a training session once a month on every new system. The mechanics of most air conditioning systems are the same and when a new system does come out its only subtle updates to maybe a condenser or fan.


Air Conditioning Granada Hills

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